Ragnarok X Next Generation Pet System Update Is Now Live

Nuverse has announced the highly anticipated Pet System Update to Ragnarok X Next Generation. Alongside the update, there will also be lots of fun and unique events designed to highlight the new system, not to mention all the amazing rewards that will be given out.

While adventuring with friends is always a joy, there is something to be said about having a loyal animal (or monster) companion you can take everywhere with you – one that can keep you company on those long dungeon crawls, or even to lend a hand in battle.

As fans of the original Ragnarok Online might recall, the pet system offers a select number of monster companions for players to catch and raise, with the pets faithfully following their owners every step of their adventure. In Ragnarok X Next Generation, pets will loyally follow their owners around, as well as become an active part of each adventurer’s battle strategies.

In Ragnarok X Next Generation, each pet will be born with a specific talent that highlights their special passive traits. This gives each pet its own strength, meaning they’ll be of great help along with your adventures. Poring and a whole bunch of other delightful pets are already awaiting their masters.

Furthermore, by raising the pet’s Intimacy levels through special props, each pet can learn up to 6 active skills that can be used when battling. The skills that each pet learns are chosen randomly from a larger pool of established skills, so you might need to find the most ideal combination of skills for your needs. Then there is also the Bond level, which functions similarly to the Bond Card system.

With this update, players have 16 pets available for collection – nine have to be caught, six have to be evolved, while Phreeoni will only be available through events. Players have no shortage of options to customize their pets to be the perfect companions both during and while out of combat.

To unlock the pet system, players will need to attain a base level of 60. After unlocking the system, Adventurers need to complete three guided quests, teaching them how to buy a slingshot, how to load it, and how to unlock the Pet Encyclopedia. Upon finishing these three quests, they can start their journey of becoming a master of pets!

As part of the Pet System Update, Ragnarok X Next Generation players will also be able to take part in two special events, both of which come with their own unique rewards you won’t want to miss. In the Poring vs. Lunatic event, players will be divided into two factions and compete to earn more Favor Points by completing daily quests.

Whereas in the Pet Adventures Event, players can either play a Monopoly-style board game or hunt down monsters through ‘Odin’s Blessings’ to earn ‘Activity’, which can then be exchanged for prizes at the event’s Exchange Store.

With plenty of adorable critters to choose from, choose one whose own unique combination of abilities and talents suits you best.

You can download Ragnarok X Next Generation on iOS (Link) or Android (Link).

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