Greak: Memories of Azur Guide & Walkthrough

Greak: Memories of Azur is out now, and will sate your Metroidvania 2D platforming puzzle jollies if you fancy a nice if janky take on The Lost Vikings.

In Greak: Memories of Azur, you play a trio of siblings each with their own skills. You have to control all three of them to play through all of the game’s stages and brain teasers. This guide will detail the later stages involving all three siblings, but we’ll start with some basics. We’ll be using Xbox controls from here on out.

Here’s A Breakdown Of Each Sibling


  • Has 4 hit points.
  • Attacks with melee sword swipe; short range.
  • Has a double jump.
  • Can swim, but cannot breathe underwater for too long.
  • Can crawl through tiny holes.
  • Can carry the most items among all the siblings, even after upgrades.


  • Has 4 hit points.
  • Has ranged attack with rapid-fire properties, but needs energy.
  • Can float temporarily while in the air either straight or upward, but needs energy.
  • Energy meter is shared between float and ranged attack. You cannot do either if the meter is empty. The meter regenerates after a second or less.
  • Can swim and can breathe underwater longer than Greak.
  • Cannot fit through tiny holes.


  • Has 5 hit points.
  • Attacks with sword; medium range.
  • Can double jump.
  • Has a grappling hook to grab onto special hooks & hook-like objects.
  • Grappling hook can bring enemies to Raydel. The grappling hook can also initiate special interactions with certain enemies and bosses during combat.
  • Can use a shield to protect against projectiles and lasers, be it horizontally or vertically. Can still jump while holding a shield, but cannot double jump.
  • Cannot swim.
  • Cannot fit through tiny holes.
  • Can carry the least items among siblings.

Hold LT To Walk Together, Hold RT To Call Your Siblings To You

You can hold (or toggle) Left Trigger to have all playable siblings on-screen walk along with you, as well as jump and attack at the same time. You can also call your siblings to your position by holding RT; they will run to your position. Press the jump button to have them jump while they’re being lured to your spot.

You will need to master using these commands when fighting bosses in Greak: Memories of Azur. If any one of your siblings perishes, the game is over and you have to restart from the last checkpoint.

There Is No Autosave

You have to save manually; Greak: Memories of Azur is pretty old-school in this approach. So please save at every opportunity unless you want to lose a load of minutes of your progress.

Alright, here are the late game spoiler guides. You’ve been warned.

Viraane Ruins

Aldalar Tomb (Final Stage)


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