Street Fighter 5’s New Character Stories Hints Possible Street Fighter 6 Future

The latest character additions for Street Fighter 5 foreshadows a bunch more plot elements for Street Fighter 6. Maybe.

Oro’s story segment advances the plot and foreshadowing of future SF stories alongside Rose’s, but also opens up more questions than answers.

To sum it up: Rose meets up with Oro for some Soul Power training, then brings up G and the fact that he has “disturbing energy”. After donning some lovely Hawaiian threads, Oro meets up with Dhalsim and talks about the death of M.Bison/Dictator and his lingering Psycho Power legacy. It’s still around, but Oro sheds light that his influence will still lead the world of SF to ruin, but in the right hands, Psycho Power can save it from such a fate.

Perhaps Oro is alluding to someone like Ed, the boxer who has Psycho Powers since his appearance in Street Fighter IV. Or maybe Falke, who also exhibits Psycho Powers and has formed Neo Shadaloo alongside Ed and a few others to possibly play a positive role in future Street Fighter stories.

Long story short: we can possibly see good guys using Dictator’s purple powers of doom, as well as unmentioned members of Neo Shadaloo making their debut in Street Fighter 6. G, the president of the Earth, may play the role of an antagonist in part 6 given his powers may be “world-ending”, hence why Rose is getting the shivers over it in her Character Story segment. And also the fact that she’s considering time-travelling as a possibility in part 6; clearly Capcom is taking cues from Mortal Kombat 9 and 11‘s storylines.

Check out the full Oro Story mode below. Time will tell if the final DLC character Luke can help fill in the puzzle as to how Street Fighter 6’s story will play out.

On the flip side, Akira’s story is a fun girl’s day out involving Sakura, Ibuki, and Karin Kanzuki. Even SF has its moments of levity.

Author: Mr Toffee

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