Death Trash Is Disgusting Post Apocalypse Goodness, But Don’t Get It Yet

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS4
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Isometric Action RPG Pukefest

As if you cannot tell from locations called Festering Gorge, Woundland, and the Puke Bar, Death Trash thrives on its fleshy and gorey broken future-filled visuals. If it wasn’t for the pixel art, many would be grossed out by the sheer volume of raw meat and upchuck after-effects present here.

But Death Trash is more than just blood and guts; it’s an isometric action RPG where you fight crazies and mutants in real-time combat with your sword/club/assault rifle/shotgun. You also can use the power of persuasion to talk your way out of trouble, though you have an always-active stealth device that lets you sneak up and away from danger. Death Trash’s combat can be brutal, and you can die from even skirmishes with two to three bandits and/or mutants who clearly are more packed than you.

Garbage In…

Beyond the fighting and kinda funny dialogue between the weird denizens of the scorched earth you’re on however, there aren’t any quests or objectives that have multiple approaches beyond “head to dungeon A and kill everything there, then get the thing”. Compare this to an Early Access game like Encased, which has multiple solutions to problems, and you can see where Death Trash is lacking.

Still, the game looks gorgeous with its animation and pixel art. From the green shimmer from your puking to the blood-red pool from your visions, there’s a lot of love laid out bare for CRPG fans to see and witness.

Should you enter Death Trash’s violent Mad Max-inspired world this early? Probably not. Apart from a main quest and some side stuff that will last you for a few hours, there isn’t much to do and see. It’s still a work in progress, the character customization seems limited for now, and there aren’t many opportunities to flex your non-combat skills. You really need to put your skill points to guns and melee to survive this build of the game.

Still, there’s a lot of promise in this pixel art mashup of desolation and upchucking. Perhaps when it’s more fleshed-out and in a more complete state, then it’s an enticing purchase on Steam. As for now, you’re paying for a clear work-in-progress. Death Trash is available now for PC (Steam), but in Early Access form. There’s no word on its release date as of yet.

Author: Mr Toffee

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