You Can Now Play PS1 Games On The Xbox Series X & S, But…

We live in an interesting time where the latest Xbox console can run a plethora of emulators, especially ones that can play games from rival companies. The next in line? PlayStation 1 games.

A PS1 emulator with the ability to upscale games to 4K can now be manually installed onto the Xbox Series X and S. It’s called DuckStation and it can emulate PS1 games and internally upscale them. The downside? It caps games at their original framerate. And you also need to set your Xbox Series console to developer mode to run it, just like with all emulators.

If you need further proof, here’s a video of DuckStation being run on an Xbox Series S:

Of course, running emulators and ROMs on a console is treading on legal grey areas here since you are technically pirating games. Then again, people wouldn’t resort to these steps if the company that owns a huge library of PS1 games get their act together and release a retro console that doesn’t feature crappy emulation and software. Your move, PlayStation.


Author: Mr Toffee

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