Young Souls Is A 2D RPG Beat-Em-Up Slated For Late 2021

Need to sate that beat-em-up craving after Streets of Rage 4’s awesome DLC? Why not give this upcoming game a look?

Young Souls is an upcoming 2D beat-em-up RPG hybrid from 1p2p Studio and The Arcade Crew, featuring twin siblings Jenn and Tristan who have to save their scientist foster dad from goblins big and small in a parallel world just underneath their hometown.

The action & art style looks pretty ace so far. And those bosses look intimidating and varied. There’s even bits where you need to train the twins to buff them up for future dungeon runs.

If you want to play it now, you may need to head to Google Stadia and try it out. If you want to play it without any input delay or you just don’t particularly care about Stadia, just wait until fall 2021 since that’s when it’s coming out for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Author: Mr Toffee

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