Here’s A Recent Guilty Gear Strive Tier List From Korea’s Best 2D Fighting Game Pro

It’s already been over 2 months since Guilty Gear Strive came out. Has the current tier list and meta changed since EVO 2021?

Well, yes and no. So far we have a new character added to the base roster -Goldlewis Dickinson. Pro Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter 5 player Infiltration has his thoughts on a recent video; the results may not really surprise you.

S+ Tier

Sol Badguy

S Tier

Chipp, Leo, Ramlethal, May

A+ Tier

Ky, Millia, Giovanna, I-No, Nagoriyuki, Zato-1, Potemkin, Axl

B+ Tier

Faust, Goldlewis

B Tier


As you can tell, Sol Badguy is a league of his own because of his current kit, dangerous normals that can lead to damaging wall-carry combos, and “main character” privilege that Street Fighter’s Ryu used to have before SF5 did him dirty (pre-Season 5).

Chipp, Leo, May, and Ramlethal are pretty much securing their spot as high-damage characters in the tier list, with the latter two having easy game plans to follow. The former two require some high-level fighting game knowledge to master, though Infiltration has mentioned that he hates fighting Leo so much because of his many, MANY mixups and 50/50 situations when he gets up-close and in his Brynhildr stance.

As we’ve stressed time and again, tier lists are guidelines rather than gospel truths as they are good indicators to show how certain characters fare in the current meta. Full video below.


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