World Of Warships Apologizes For Dropping F-Bomb Bonus Code

World Of Warships developer Wargaming has apologized for using an in-game bonus code to say “f*** you” to a former member of its Community Contributors program. To demonstrate their apology, the company has released another in-game bonus code.

For context, many members of the World Of Warships Community Contributors program left the game last week due to the company’s increasingly dubious and shady use of exploitative loot boxes and microtransactions.

One Community Contributor who stayed with the game was a Russian streamer named Turry. However, he was later kicked out of the program nevertheless because he was accused of being too critical of the game’s development team, according to this Reddit thread.

As revenge, a rogue Wargaming employee offered the promo code ‘W0LAXU5FKUTURY5‘, which provided bonus in-game content to players on Russian servers. Some players noticed that the “FKUTURY” looks a lot like it means ‘F*** You Turry’.

Wargaming gave the following statement in a forum post:

“As you know, last Friday a bonus code with offensive content was distributed on our official stream, insulting our player and the popular streamer Turry.

This is unacceptable.

We conducted an internal audit and found that this situation occurred due to the actions of a certain employee.

The employee was suspended from this job and the most stringent measures were applied to him according to the results of the audit.

On behalf of the entire World of Warships team, we apologize to the players, the viewers of Friday’s stream, and, most importantly, we apologize to @Turry.

We made an unacceptable statement in your address and are fully aware of our responsibility.”

Wargaming confirmed to PC Gamer via email that their forum statement is correct:

“We can confirm that the unfortunate situation has happened and that our team responded quickly to identify and sanction the responsible individual.

Even though in no way the actions of this individual were approved or encouraged, we understand that we are accountable for the incident as a team.

Rest assured we don’t take this situation lightly and we don’t tolerate any sort of disrespectful communication.”

Wargaming has released a new bonus code for players, ‘TURRYWEARESORRY‘, which provides players with 1,500 community tokens that can be used to purchase in-game loot.

Turry himself said:

“From one side I am satisfied with their excuses, and they sent me two bonus codes for my subscribers.

But on the other, I still don’t know who was guilty in this situation and if he would be punished for this failure or not.

I love this game very much despite the developer’s behaviour.

I hope it will soon change somehow.”

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