Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1 Unleashes La Banda Today

The wait is finally over. Our days and nights spent in anticipation are ending today as we find out what happens to the Gang after being shut in the bank of Spain for more than 100 hours. Will they be able to break free with their loot without a hitch or better yet, without losing another member of La Banda? 

Catch Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 at 3 pm GMT+8 on Netflix to find out what happens to the Professor who has been captured by the now-rogue Inspector Sierra and if La Banda has what it takes to face their most powerful enemy: the army. 

In the meantime, you can vibe to this rousing rendition of the iconic Money Heist anthem, ‘Bella Ciao’ by Yuna, our very own Malaysian muse and international singer-songwriter, accompanied by the internationally-acclaimed musicians of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Want more of ‘Bella Ciao’? You’re in luck as there are more amazing local artists to add their respective spins to the anthem! Check them out below:

This thrilling EDM rendition of ‘Bella Ciao’ by homegrown Malaysian DJs BATE (Brains & The Eye) a.k.a Yeoh Wai Hong and Ethan Curzon.

Shaun Vinda and Vishal Chopra incorporate a fusion of traditional Indian instruments into their mix.

Local Hardstyle duo Bass Agents with a hard-hitting remix, featuring Mandarin vocals by social media personality Estee Chong (@estee_louder), fit for the underground dance scene.

These covers are also available on Spotify.

Last but not least, if you’re in and around the Bandar tonight, keep your eyes peeled as La Banda paints the town red with a spectacular light-up at Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara) (opposite KLCC). Catch all updates of La Banda kat Bandar on Netflix Malaysia’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 

Author: Alleef Ashaari

Aspiring writer. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Malaysia. Comics are my passion. A gamer and science fiction enthusiast. PSN: AlleefAshaari

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