Kohai Will Help Malaysian Gamers With Esports Matchmaking & Money Making; Out Right Now

If you have issues finding good mobile game matches for competitive titles like PUBG and Mobile Legends, Kohai will sort you out. And it’s available right now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Kohai, a matchmaking platform tailored for Malaysia, will connect esports enthusiasts with experienced players, allowing them to partner with each other. Unlike the mobile game’s in-house matchmaking service, Kohai will let casuals and beginner-level players (Gamers) train with specific experienced players (Partners) for a set fee through random matchmaking.

The app lets you select between real-time or scheduled gaming sessions for a truly personalised match experience. You learn how to “git good” at a game, the partners and pro players on Kohai get paid to teach you: it’s a win-win situation.

Here’s the full price listing for Kohai’s special brand of training from its Partners:

Real-Time Gaming Session (Fixed Rate)

RM10.00 per hour (inclusive of SST; Applies for MLBB and PUBG Mobile)

Scheduled Gaming Session (Max. Rates)

Mobile Legends/MLBB Ranking Price (inclusive of SST)*
Grand Master to Epic: RM52.60
Epic to Legend: RM68.00
Legend to Mythic: RM84.00

PUBG Mobile Ranking Price (inclusive of SST)*
Bronze to Silver: RM18.00
Silver to Gold: RM34.00
Gold to Platinum: RM40.00

*Note that pricing marked with asterisks indicate max rates set by Kohai per ranking upgrades. Prices may reduce based on a Gamer’s current rank progression

In addition, Kohai is partnering with renowned Malaysian esports team Geek Fam. So if you want to get some training and lessons from one of the country’s top-tier players, you can do so right now on the app.

The app is also hosting a Mobile Legends tournament, the Kohai Championships, that features a prize pool of RM11,000. Details are on the official website and Facebook page.

Author: Mr Toffee

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