Nintendo Teams Up With Convergent Systems To Open Two Official Singapore Stores

Convergent Systems, a Singapore company known for distributing PC hardware and peripherals, are now in the Nintendo console distribution business. The company has officially announced that it will be launching not one, but two official Nintendo stores.

Not physical stores, mind you, but on e-commerce platforms Shopee (on 8th October) and Lazada (16th October). In addition, the Shopee store is now open and will be taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

This begs the question: is Maxsoft still around? Yes, since it has this Lazada pre-order for the Nintendo Switch OLED model still active. So far, the company has yet to make any official announcement about their status change with Nintendo, so it’s safe to say that it’s still around distributing Nintendo products for the Southeast Asia region, Singapore included. It’s just that the Red Dot nation will not be subjected to insanely-priced forced bundles that are akin to scalper prices; competition between distributors will do that to you.

Author: Mr Toffee

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