Check Out This First-Ever Bubble Tea Custom PC From Aftershock

Singapore PC and laptop-making company Aftershock has outdone themselves by making a custom PC rig Asians can be proud of: one themed after bubble tea!

The Aftershock PC team managed to replicate bobas and create the effect of pearls racing through the PC’s hand-crafted water-cooling system while maintaining exceptional heat performance. If you fancy a purple and pink PC setup that’s the first of its kind, check it out in all of its custom glory below.

It also features a creamy purple colour coolant that’s supposed to replicate the taro-flavoured tea many of us love to drink but shouldn’t because it’s so goddamn sweet.┬áBut seriously, don’t attempt to drink the coolant. Just marvel at how it flows.

It also glows in the dark, so if you’re gaming without lights on (which is always), you get to see the coolant and boba effects brightening up the space. Here are the specs of this custom PC.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550 Vision DP
Chassis: Aftershock Hypergate XL
Cooling: 7x LIANLI UNI fans
PSU: AORUS P850W 80+ GOLD Modular
MISC: Byski White Fittings, Byski AMD CPU Waterblock, EX-XTOP D5 Pump, EK-RES

This is too cool not to share, if we’re being frank. Though if you’d like something like this made, you should make your request at Aftershock’s online store.

Author: Mr Toffee

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