Life Is Strange 3 Is Review Bombed On Steam Because Of A Flag

In one of this weekend’s bizarre internet outrage, Square Enix’s hipster-filled teen angst adventure game is getting a bit of flak, possibly from Chinese players and Steam users.

See, Life Is Strange: True Colors (or Life Is Strange 3) somehow included the flag of Tibet in the game’s Haven Springs shop. The flag itself is considered as a political symbol by the Chinese Government, in support of the countries separation, and is illegal in the region.

This has upset a great number of players who oppose the country’s independence, hence they’re review bombing the PC Steam version of the with negative reviews (via TheGamer).

Most of the reviews are written in Traditional Chinese. Translated comments from these reviews include:

“We will never tolerate any act of splitting China’s national sovereignty!”

“[This game has] elements of Tibetan independence, implying a split of China”.

And that’s not even counting the racist and homophobic comments in the more extreme reviews. These reviews also demand that the developers apologise to those offended by the inclusion of the flag.

This isn’t the first time this sort of pro-Chinese support has happened in major games. Earlier this year, Guilty Gear Strive had to remove all mentions of Tibet, Mongolia, and Taiwan from its lore. Two years ago, Hearthstone player Blitzchung was banned from the game for saying “free Hong Kong” after winning a tournament.

Author: Mr Toffee

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