After A Month Of Waiting, Malaysia Dota 2 Player Finally Gets To Travel Overseas For The Internationals 10

Good news for Malaysian esports players wishing to show their support for a Dota 2 player to represent.

Previously, Cheng Jin ” NothingToSay” Xiang, who plays a key mid-lane role for renowned China-based Dota 2 team PSG.LGD, has yet to obtain permission from the Malaysian government to travel overseas for The Internationals 10 (TI10) which will take place in the city of Bucharest from 7th to 17th October.

Now he and his teammate Chan “Oli” Chon Kien have obtained the necessary travel approvals for their trip to TI10 according to Dota 2 expert Tiffani “Oling” Lim.

MUDA treasurer Tarmizi Anuwar said that Cheng’s manager has been trying to obtain permission for him to leave since 1st August, but to no avail. It’s now gotten to the point where Putrajaya has been urged to grant him permission to leave the country.

Furthermore, PSG.LGD’s chances of taking the top spot in TI10 without NothingToSay is incredibly low. According to pro Dota 2 player Peter “ppd” Dager, he said that without the team’s superstar midlaner, the Chinese team will run into problems.

“PSG.LGD without NothingToSay may still place top five at TI, but will no longer be the favourites.”

Good thing that’s all sorted, eh?

Author: Mr Toffee

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