Borderlands 3 Celebrates Second Year Anniversary With 48-Hour Loot Monster Spawn Fiesta

Talk about a heckuva loot-filled bonanza!

Gearbox is celebrating 2 years of Borderlands 3 by bringing back the Loot Monster Mayhem limited event. This gives increased spawn rates for Loot variant enemies like Loot Tinks and Chubby Varkids in their respective spawn areas. To sweeten the deal, the Bekah Assault Rifle and the Earworm Assault Rifle will be in the random loot pool.

The catch? This event will last from now until 15th September 11:59pm GMT+8. The Bekah is a pretty limited rifle to get, so now’s a good a time as any to farm as many as possible. Also, the latest Maurice Black Market vending machine is on Neon Arterial (Promethea) and is selling the King’s Call and Queen’s Call; awesome guns that.

Furthermore, Gearbox is giving out SHIFT codes for limited edition Vault Hunter skins and ECHO Device skins, as well as a Diamond Key to open Diamond Chests with. Here are the codes:



Input this in the main menu of the game under the SHIFT Social options. Have fun!

Author: Mr Toffee

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