Insomniac’s Wolverine Game Will Have A Mature Tone & Be Full Size

While we do not have major tidbits about the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game from developer Insomniac, apart from a teaser, some info has been teased.

In terms of the game’s scope and tone, creative director Brian Horton has reassured many fans and PlayStation gamers on Twitter that the game will be “full size” and have a “mature tone”.

It’s a brief message, but at least we know that it’ll be developed with as much priority and scope as the Spider-Man game sequel. The fact that it may have an M rating means that we’ll be seeing Wolverine being the best there is at what he does: killing things living and sentient beings with his adamantium claws.

In other words, we’ll probably see a current-gen envisioning of what we saw and experienced in that one X-Men Origins: Wolverine game from Raven Software.

Author: Mr Toffee

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