Tails Of Iron Guide: How To Be The Best Rat King In All The Land

Tails of Iron is out now for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. In case you haven’t read our review, we wholeheartedly recommend it if you love action RPGs, 2D gameplay, and tough-but-fair and weighty combat.

Here are some quick tips on how to succeed and get through Tails of Iron’s gritty fairy tale medieval world.

Your Attacks & Dodges Don’t Consume Resources

Good news: you can mash your attacks and dodge whenever you like. Bad news: one wrong move and you’ll be eating enemy attacks and dying pretty fast. Know when to attack and wait for boss attack patterns to exploit.

Don’t Overburden Yourself

If your weight meter is pretty high, chances are you’ll be moving and dodging slower than usual. Don’t do that: use a mix of Light, Medium, and Heavy equipment (armor, shield, helmet) that gives the most defenses, the right resistance against the enemy you’ll be fighting, and the least amount of weight.

Do All The Sidequests That Give You Food Items

The most important sidequests are the ones where you get gold (to progress through the story mode via upgrades & plot item-purchasing) and special ingredients for your kingdom chef. The chef will need specific ingredients to cook food like mushroom burgers that will increase Redgi’s max health.

One example of this sidequest is to get a farmer at the Old Mill the right equipment and items to create a beehive so that he can give you fresh honey/milk(?) for the chef. Just keep an eye out within the kingdom and beyond for these quests.

Video Walkthoughs

Old Mill

Swamp Slayer Camp

Forbidden Crypt

The Iron Mines of Turn Tail

The Old Sector In The Mole Town

Mole Town’s Arena Pit Battle #2

The Lost Docks

The Frog Village

Boss Fights

How To Find All The Ancient Statues

In Tails of Iron, there are four statues you can find that unlock the family tomb in the Forbidden Crypt (underneath the castle). You can fight a secret boss there and get a sweet crown as your reward.

Here are the locations for all four statues.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Family – Inside the statue room in The Forbidden Crypt, on the ground.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Leadership – Long Tail Village, on the tower at the far right side of the map where you fought the Swamp Slayer camp boss early in the game. Head to the bottom and fight the boss there.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of War – Buy it from the merchant in Moletown.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Harvest – Long Tail Village. Head to the village exit as if you’re heading to the Hunter’s Lodge. As soon as you’re out of the village, head right until you come across a tunnel entrance after a few platforms.

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