You’ll Need To Be Vaccinated To Participate And Attend This Major Esports Organizer’s Tournaments

PGL, a major esports event organizer, will need its attendees and participants to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for its future 2022 esports events and tournaments.

According to PGL president Silviu Stroie, this is the only way to bring back LAN esports to the public after 2020’s pandemic which is still ongoing mind you.

“I firmly believe the only way to bring back massive LAN esports events is to require complete vaccination of attending players, talent, staff, spectators. We will make this a requirement for all upcoming PGL events in 2022.”

PGL is renowned for organizing Dota 2 Majors in Asia, as well as various CS:GO, FIFA Global Series, and Quake tournaments. The esports group is also co-organizing The International 10 Dota 2 Championship that’s happening this October. TI10 will require its attendants and participants to wear a mask and show their proof of vaccination.

Author: Mr Toffee

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