Four Seasons Into Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, And We Finally Get Rita Repulsa As A Playable Fighter!

Lord Zedd’s wife is finally a playable character in a Power Rangers fighting game, after being in the shaft for so long.

NWay’s successful 2D tag team fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is now in its fourth season, and with so many character additions, it’s tough to gauge where the developers are going next. Season 4 is not only bringing in Rita Repulsa, but also Poisandra and fan-favourite Adam Park the Black Ninja Ranger.

The latter Power Ranger is getting a huge focus on the trailer, Johnny Yong Bosch battle cries and all. If you like rushdown characters with after-images attack ala Rose’s Soul Illusion, this anime voice caricature’s your man.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available right now, with its fourth season being available on 21st September.

Author: Mr Toffee

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