Here’s Why Sony And Quantic Dream Aren’t BFFs Anymore

Amidst the David Cage Star Wars rumours going around, it’s safe to say that his company Quantic Dream may not be close with Sony and PlayStation anymore. You’d be right to assume that, since recent news have cropped up regarding both companies and their relationship with one another.

While Quantic Dream’s partnership with Sony was at its peak during the PlayStation 3 era and the Heavy Rain exclusivity, it went on a downward spiral when it came to its recent adventure game Detroit: Become Human. That’s because when Quantic Dream was thinking up of character scenarios, the team originally had four protagonists instead of the three we had in the final game. The scrapped fourth character was a “whore” Android that featured “blond hair and huge boobs”. The shelved-protagonist-for-obvious-reasons came with controversial scenarios that sat outside Sony’s comfort zone, and was one of the reasons the company wrapping up its three-game deal with Quantic Dream.

While the deal ended, Quantic Dream was reportedly working on an open-world space game for the company codenamed Project Karma. Here’s what insider Tom Henderson, who broke the Star Wars Quantic Dream story, had to say:

“The project was dubbed Project Karma and eventually turned to Project Solstice. The game had been in development for around two years. Project Karma/Solstice was eventually cancelled as Sony wanted their third and final title in collaboration with Quantic Dream to be on a Detroit: Become Human Kara demo that Quantic had created. Quantic Dream was also having game engine difficulties with an open-world game.

Whether Project Karma morphed into the Star Wars project or not, no one can say for certain until Disney makes an official announcement and releases the game. We’ll say this: whatever Quantic Dream cooked up for the “whore” android must have been way more controversial and saucier than whatever happened in The Last of Us Part 2 between Abby and Owen on the boat, since Sony wholeheartedly approved that scene from developer Naughty Dog. That, and all the dog-killing and character assassinations going on, but to each their own.

Author: Mr Toffee

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