Studio Colorido’s Next Film Is About Kids Stuck In An Apartment Complex Afloat At Sea

Studio Colorido’s third feature anime film will be called Drifting Home.

The anime film will be about two kids, Kosuke and Natsume, who were playing with their group of friends in an abandoned apartment they used to live in. Suddenly, the entire complex gets teleported into the ocean. As a result, the entire complex drifts aimlessly in a vast ocean, like a ship with no set navigation.

The building, filled with the two’s many memories, start aimlessly drifting. It’s up to the group to figure out how to get out of this conundrum and get home. The film is dubbed as an “adventure fantasy as summer ends”.

Hiroyasu Ishida will be directing the anime and also penning its script; he previous did Studio Colorido’s first feature film Penguin Highway.

Drifting Home will be out on Netflix in 2022. Trailer and poster are just below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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