New Genshin Impact Web Event Recaps Your Entire Journey & Game Stats [Update]

If you want a trip down online RPG anime lane, you may want to check out Genshin Impact’s new web event.

Dubbed An Unforgettable Journey, the web event will recap your entire escapades in Teyvat from the number of Hilichurls you sate your anime genocidal tendencies, to your favourite hero you’ve used outside of the Traveler.

Yes, the event even remembers the number of pigeons and ducks you killed at the bridge new Mondstadt and also your favourite minigame in the Windblume event. Talk about being thorough!

Once you’ve seen your personal clipshow, you can set up your theater themes (based on your game data) and share it with your pals. If it’s shared successfully, you get Primogems as a reward. Here’s the type of gifts you’ll be dishing out/receiving at random from others who share their themes.

  • Primogem Gift: 40x Primogems, 30,000 Mora
  • Material Gifts: 5x Mystic Enhancement Ores, 3x Hero’s Wit

You can check it out here. This will hopefully keep people’s minds off of the recent anniversary and Kokomi kerfuffle that’s been happening as of late.

[Update: 28/9/21] Or not. Turns out by searching the Mihoyo-crafted #GenshinAndMeHBD hashtag on Twitter, you’ll see a number of colourful messages about the game, the weaksauce anniversary gifts, and related anger and snark. Some even show allegiance towards a competitor of sorts: Cookie Run Kingdom.

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