A Lot Of People Are Queuing Up For Amazon’s New Online RPG

Amazon’s New World, the long-awaited MMORPG that a lot of people want to jump on due to its fresh new setting and online RPG take, is available to play right now. The good news? Nearly 428,000 people are running the game right now. The bad news? Less than half of that number are actually playing the game.

The other half? They’re stuck in queues waiting to get into one of the 2,000-player islands of the game. The queues themselves take about hours before eager MMORPGers can get in. As of this writing, players in US East will have to wait in line for 91 hours to get into the Morrow server.

Amazon is of course trying to get everyone logged in and playing quickly.

If you want to see how the queues are in North American and European servers, head to newworldstatus.com for estimate times. If you’re from Southeast Asia, the closest server to run your online game is in Sydney (under APAC). Good luck!


Author: Mr Toffee

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