Here’s Our First Look At Hideaki Anno’s Kamen Rider Reboot

Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno, after wrapping up his beloved mecha series, is now looking at making new films. One of which is a retelling of the classic 70s tokusatsu superhero show Kamen Rider, which is about a cyborg bike rider who beats up monsters and supervillains with Kamen Rider-themed attacks.

The new film is called Shin Kamen Rider and based on the new teaser it’s going old school, albeit with a number of modernized changes and surprises.

One of them is the somersaulting costumed fighter at the end with the dreadlocks and green eyes-filled mask.

The new cast for the film was also announced recently:

  • Sosuke Ikematsu will play the bike-riding cyborg protagonist Takeshi Hongo.
  • Minami Hamabe will play Ruriko Midorikawa, the daughter of the scientist who helped Takeshi in the course of the series.

Shin Kamen Rider will be out in Japan first in March 2022. This retelling is the second in a trilogy of Shin films by the director, with the first being Shin Godzilla. The last one will be Shin Ultraman.

The big question: will the Bahasa Melayu version of this show be called Satria Baja Baru?

Author: Mr Toffee

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