League Of Legends Worlds Champion Arrested For Suspected Drug Trafficking

Taichung District Police has arrested League Of Legends world champion Curtis ‘Toyz’ Lau on 29 September 2021 for allegedly trafficking drugs.

The 29-year-old Toyz was a mid-laner for the Taipei Assassins team back in 2012, eventually winning the League Of Legends Season 2 World Championship. According to a translated Daily Esports report, the police discovered marijuana at Lau’s apartment with evidence that he intended to sell them.

He has since been taken into custody by the police. Marijuana is classified as a Class 2 illegal drug in Taiwan. Under the country’s Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, possession with the intention to sell a Class 2 illegal drug can carry a maximum five-year sentence with a fine of up to five million New Taiwan dollars (approximately US$200,000 USD).

After winning the League Of Legends Worlds 2021, Toyz became a content creator, and now he has 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, as well as several hundred thousand on Instagram and Facebook too.

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