Dungeon Encounters Announced; About As Retro An RPG As You Can Get

If you really want to go old-school to the point where your RPG tabletop navigation is down to squares and numbers, then Square Enix has something just for you.

The company just announced a nifty small-time classic RPG called Dungeon Encounters, made by Final Fantasy battle planner legend Hiroyuki Ito. The premise is simple: build your party, move along the incredibly basic-looking grid maze (with numbers) all the way to the end to chart the depths, then do battle against hordes of enemies and try not to trigger traps.

You also have a huge range of characters to build a party with from swordsmen to tiny robots on wheels. Heck, I think you can even recruit otakus, poodles, and giant cats to fight for you. The game is touted as a thinking man’s dungeon crawler.

If this sounds fun, you can get Dungeon Encounters on 14th October for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

Author: Mr Toffee

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