River City Ransom Gets A Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Makeover


Arc System Works just showed off new footage of its upcoming Kunio-kun game, which is the Japanese series that led to the River City Ransom titles -the most recent title being River City Girls.

The new game is called Kunio-kun’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but you can just call it River City Saga: Three Kingdoms. It’s a co-op beat-em-up RPG title that takes place in the 14th-century Three Kingdoms historical setting. Except instead of Zhou Cang and Cao Xiu, you play as Kunio and his thug life pals.

The whole game will be in 2D with Kunio-kun sprites and artwork being front and centre. The game will feature 2-player online and also local co-op gameplay. Check out the gameplay below; River City Saga: Three Kingdoms will be out for Nintendo Switch in December 2021 in Japan. The PS4 and PC versions will only be out after April 2022.

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