All The Awesome Video Game Music Acts Of Tokyo Game Show 2021

Tokyo Game Show 2021 was not only a hotbed of new game information, reveals, and standout publisher debuts, but also a great online music celebration.

From Square Enix to Sega, each notable video game company has arranged their own timeslot for a 40-minute-or-so live music performance featuring their respective game tunes. In a time when it’s hard to catch these kinds of shows offline and also all of them consecutively, this is a godsend for gaming fans worldwide.

Here’s the list:


The company that made Resident Evil arranged a special Monster Hunter: Rise music concert featuring traditional (and rock) covers of the game’s standout tunes.

Square Enix Lounge Jam

Square Enix not only had one music concert, but TWO! The first one is a more relaxed music session with Octopath Traveler covers and even a smooth version of Nier Replicant Kaine’s theme.

Square Enix Jazz Live Painting

The next Square Enix joint is one part loud jazz band, other part live painting session from artist NOVOL. There’s plenty of Final Fantasy arrangements and a nice Chrono Trigger insert to go around!

Genshin Concert 2021 “Melodies of an Endless Journey”

It’s only been a year-plus, and Genshin Impact has amassed a ton of love from the community for its music. Naturally, Mihoyo used their millions from the gachas and put up this big-budget concert for everyone to tune into. Features orchestra works from the Dirk Brossé and the Flanders Symphony Orchestra to a number of bands doing their best rock and electronica covers of the game’s many battle themes.

If anything, the acapella rendition of the game’s starting menu theme should at least entice interest from even the most staunch of haters.

#Love_Sega Special Live Concert

The one a number of people missed out on due to the Genshin Impact concert. This Sega show featured a couple of sets from Persona 5 music vocalist Lyn, a DJ mix of tons of Sega jingle classics, violin renditions of Sonic’s best stage themes, and a surprise guest in the form of the guy who did the famous Daytona USA “Let’s Go Away” theme.

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