Did Ubisoft Teased A New Far Cry Game Inside Far Cry 6?

Tons of Far Cry 6 videos showcasing the early parts of the game have popped up earlier this morning. From intro stages to even bizarre roided-up chicken levels, there’s a lot going on in the game’s fictional oppressed island of Yara and its fascist military vs guerilla army gameplay and storyline.

What we didn’t expect was a tease of an upcoming Far Cry game (or something else) inside its upcoming Far Cry game. Imagine that.

According to gameplay footage by RaptorRoll Gameplay, one of the crates in Yara’s many military and factory instalments within the Costa Del Mar area has a QR code. When you use your in-game camera to scan it, a teaser pops up showcasing a map with icons of players and animals, along with animals mauling random people.

It may be a cute Easter Egg, but our guess is that Ubisoft may be advertising an upcoming Far Cry battle royale game. But instead of a storm making the battlefield smaller, it’s a horde of beasts. Apt really, since cougars, coyotes, and sun bears are the real antagonists in the game, always interrupting you in your story campaign.

Far Cry 6 will be out this Thursday, 7th October. Stay tuned for our review.

Author: Mr Toffee

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