Square Enix Trademarks Valkyrie Elysium

Back in the late 90s during the PlayStation One era, Enix released a pretty sweet JRPG called Valkyrie Profile. It featured a reworked Norse mythology storyline, a main protagonist who acts as a heavenly recruiter for a literal soul army, and a nifty turn-based combat system involving action prompts and combos.

Seems like the series may make a comeback of sorts if the latest trademark news is of any indication. Square Enix filed an English and Japanese trademark for the title “Valkyrie Elysium” in Japan on 16th September (via Gematsu). This may suggest a new entry in the Valkyrie Profile series; the last entry was called Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin which came out for mobile devices back in 2016. It’s a mobile RPG F2P thing, if you must know.

Hopefully this upcoming Valkyrie entry is a return to form and will be for console and PC platforms.

Author: Mr Toffee

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