Immortal: And The Death That Follows Is An Upcoming Roguelike Beat-Em-Up Made From Fallen Parts

A while back, we covered a game called Aeon Must Die, an awesome-looking RPG beat-em-up hybrid that was cancelled due to bad management. The designers and programmers from that former studio formed a new company called Mishura Games and recently announced a brand-new title.

The new game is called Immortal: And The Death That Follows, a slick-looking side-scrolling beat-em-up with roguelike elements. You play as Fudo, the ex-King of Wisdom who wishes to redeem himself by reuniting the Asuras and escape the Titan Realm. To do this, he needs to beat up a ton of corrupted souls standing in your way.

Fudo himself looks similar to the anti-hero in the Aeon Must Die trailer, though the game’s aesthetics are now a fusion between Buddhist aesthetics and steampunk. The game’s features are as such:

  • Battle on top of outrageous vehicles as they speed down a highway in gameplay that is equal parts Mario and Mortal Kombat.
  • Stave off hordes of enemies in free-flow combat or engage in intense duels.
  • Choose what happens to your enemies as they evolve and level up with you.
  • Create a new move set and playstyle every time you play.
  • Engage in an esoteric tug of war with your inner demon while carving your way through the social ladder of an interdimensional prison for demigods.
  • All supported by unique eye-popping visuals, over-the-top animation and a rocking instrumental soundtrack.

Immortal: And The Death That Follows will be out for PC, Xbox Series, PS5, and Nintendo Switch in 2025, with Early Access for PC coming in 2023. A demo is planned for 2022.

Author: Mr Toffee

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