Genshin Impact Thoma & Sayu Hangout Event Guide

Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update is finally out, and features a ton of new events and quests. Yes, that also means new Hangout Events with some of Inazuma’s best warriors. Everybody needs to take a break, right?

Just like previous Genshin Impact Hangout Events, these story quests come with many endings and branching plotlines. Here’s a walkthrough on the two latest ones in Genshin Impact v2.2.

Thoma Hangout Event Walkthrough

Here’s a video walkthrough of how to get all of the endings to his date/hangout event. Hope you like dogs & housekeeping.

Ending #1 “The Sea Breeze Carries Memories”

To get this, opt to go outdoors with Thoma and see cats & dogs, then opt to go see the North Konda Village coastline together to see the stray ninja dog.

Ending #2 “New Clothes!”

Same as Ending #1 (go outdoors to pet cats & dogs on a date), but choose to “give it some time to calm down?” when prompted. Then take pics of the animals; Thoma will take some time to make sweaters for the animals.

Ending #3 “Alone Time”

Choose to hang out indoors at the teahouse with Thoma. When prompted to start a housekeeping workshop, choose to have him host it within the Yashiro Commission. The questline will lead you to this ending; be prepared to do a timed housekeeping event halfway through. Your reward is some alone time with Inazuma’s top tier ikemen.

Ending #4 “Popular Class”

Choose to hang out indoors at the teahouse with Thoma. When prompted to start a housekeeping workshop, choose to spread the word about the class far and wide. The questline will eventually lead you to this ending.

Ending #5 “The Housekeeper’s Other Side”

At the start in the “Behind His Back” branching point, choose “Sorry, I can’t say I agree” and “We should tell them how much you do for the Commission”. Then when prompted to look for people to talk to in the Kamisato house, talk to Kiyoe. You’ll head down to Inazuma City and do a bunch of quests leading to this ending.

Ending #6 “A Lingering Fragrance”

When asked to choose between indoor and outdoor tours, choose outdoors and “town”. Both the Traveller and Thoma start flirting with each other, leading to this ending.

Sayu Hangout Event Walkthrough

Here’s a video walkthrough on how to get all the endings for Sayu’s tale of sleep and ninjutsu.

Ending #1 “With The Trees”

Opt to go through ninjutsu training when prompted to. Then pick “Sleep alone isn’t enough to make you grow taller” to branch out to this ending.

Ending #2 “Like Soaring Through The Skies”

Choose to eat out with Sayu, then choose “Eating like this have negative effects on your health. Consider other options.” when it seems like Sayu wishes to continue stuffing her belly with food. You’ll eventually end up taking an Adventurer Guild commission, beat up some Treasure Hoarders, and treat yourself and Sayu to a mountain view as a reward.

Ending #3 “Everything In Moderation”

When out in the restaurant with Sayu (for Ending #2), just encourage her to keep eating.

Ending #4 “Definitely No Work Today!”

When talking to Sayu in the training grounds, choose “It’s not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep that’s keeping you from growing”. You’ll end up searching for alternate nap spots with Sayu, eventually leading to the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Ending #5 “The Best Rest”

At the start of the Hangout, when talking to Kano Nana, choose to investigate the assassination attempt on your own. Then you’ll end up going on a quest with Sayu to meet her informant. When confronting the informant, choose “Tell us the truth, no more lies!”. You’ll end up helping the informant and take down the real culprits, which leads to this ending.

Ending #6 “Little Sayu’s Troubles”

When confronting the informant ala Ending #5’s pathway, choose “Save it for the Yashiro Commission”. You’ll end up going back to the Kamisato house and talk to Ayaka, leading to this ending.

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