Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Guide: How To Clear The Mist

Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update introduces a new location to explore: the mysterious and fog-heavy Tsurumi island. There’s a pretty hefty sidequest that requires you to fetch a mysterious musical instrument for an author residing in Inazuma City.

Here’s the walkthrough.

Genshin Impact Through The Mist World Quest

To access the island, you’ll have to start the “Through The Mist – A Particularly Particular Author” quest. Talk to Katheryne in the Inazuma City Adventurer’s Guild. Then, Talk to an NPC named Sumida who’s also in Inazuma City.

Finally, talk to an NPC named Kama who’s found in Ritou. Kama will take you to Tsurumi Island. After a brief intro, head to the Statue of the Seven nearby to unravel the island.

As you can see, there’s a ton of mist at parts here and there. Your main quest here is to help a boy named Ruu and clear the mists all over the island. To do this, you’ll need to touch a nearby ancient tree, collect the three purple feathers nearby the place (use Elemental Sense to find its location), then collect them. Once you collect the feathers, head back to the nearby tree and touch it. The fog in the area will clear out.

You’ll be doing this for three major areas on Tsurumi Island. We’ll break it down here.

Autake Plains (West)

This one’s a standard “chase the flying feathers within the location and defeat the mist wolves and other encounters” bit; be sure to stay close to the lanterns or else you’ll get lost in the mist and have to start over from the last non-mist spot you’re in. Talk to Ruu and interact with the tree, then start collecting the purple feathers.

The first one is fairly close to the hill. The second one is further along the path next to a hut. You’ll have to fight a Thundercraven Rifthound (giant Electro wolf thing) to progress further.

The third feather is off to the side of the hill. You’ll see a Thunder Bough next to it. The feather will float inside the barrier, so get the Electrograna buff and enter it.

Shirikoro Peak (Northwest)

This one’s a tad complex. After touching the tree in the area, you’ll have to submerge the water to reach the feathers and solve a few Relay Stone puzzles to open doors to get to the other feathers.

Here’s a video to show you how it’s done.

Chirai Shrine (East)

Touch the tree in the area to get started. The first feather is at the bottom of the ruined shrine.

The second feather is southwest of the first feather. See the Relay Stone Puzzle nearby? That’s where it is. You may need to kill the Rifthounds nearby.

The third feather is on a ridge near the tree. It’ll fly away as you approach it, so follow it. You’ll need to use a phase gate at one point to reach it.

Once you’ve purified these three locations of fog and mist, you can return to the ceremonial shrine in central Tsurumi Island. Just pick up the “Maushiro” object on the ground, then go back and talk to Kama near the Statue of the Seven/Waverider Waypoint.

He’ll take you back to Ritou, and you can fast travel to Inazuma City to speak with Sumida. This will conclude the Tsurumi Island “Through The Mist” questline. Bravo!

Tsurumi Island: How To unlock Moshiri Kara Domain

So the spot where Tsurumi Island was? There’s a domain you can unlock. All you have to do is finish the three challenges within the area. You can head to them using the phase gates within the vicinity.

Genshin Impact Through The Mist – Octave of the Maushiro World Quest Guide

After you’re done with the previous World Quest, you’ll now get to complete this quest for Sumida. Head back to Tsurumi Island again, go through the giant gate, and then meet up with Ruu. Then you’ll get a special purple feather item that you can use at the special Thunderbird statues scattered throughout the island.

The quest is rather straightforward, though the puzzle bits for each segment can be a bit tricky. Here’s a walkthrough of each of these segments (with timestamps).

Once you’re done with the World Quest, you can return to Tsurumi Island and activate all the Thunderbird statues for loot and profit!

Genshin Impact Through The Mist – The Sea of Fog & Rite of the Trees Walkthrough

So those perches you’ve been using in Through The Mist Day 1? You’ll have to destroy them in this next Through The Mist world quest segment.

Talk to Kama in Ritou for the whole backstory of Tsurumi Island. Then, look for Ruu on Tsurumi Island. He’s not there, and the area is still covered in fog. You’ll have to destroy all the perches you’ve approached earlier on at the first southmost area, as well as the perches on Autake Plains, Shirikoro Peak, and Chirai Shrine.

To destroy the perches, hit them with your attacks. When you’ve downed them to half life, the perch will then shoot out electrical balls within the vicinity of the perch’s area.

You’ll have to seek these balls out and destroy them with non-Electro skills and Bursts. You’ll have enemies occasionally swarming you when you approach the last few balls, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Once you’re done with all three perches, head to Moshiri Ceremonial Site. You’ll trigger a few scenes involving Ruu. Once that’s done, head back to Ritou to talk to Sumida and Kama. Quest’s done, for now.

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