Google Is Now Joining Apple In Countersuing Epic Games

This month is turning into a legal battlefield between corporations as Epic sues Google and Apple. Both Google and Apple are also countersuing as a result.

According to a ZDNet report, Google has claimed that it is owed money for purchases made on versions of Fortnite downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Epic has evaded a contractual service fee and continues to do so. After “poor” sales for Fortnite in 2019, Epic launched on Google’s Play Store without any intention of paying associated service fees. Google said that this “was an act of deception designed to provoke litigation”.

See, Fortnite players are allowed to pay for microtransactions using either Google Play Store’s payment system or direct payment to Epic. The latter basically means that Google won’t be seeing the aforementioned extra fees and payments from Epic.

As a result, Epic broke Google’s Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA), removing Fortnite from the Play Store. Players who downloaded Fortnite from the Play Store can still play the game on their Android phones. Right now, Google is seeking “restitution of any amounts by which Epic has been unjustly enriched at Google’s expense”.

On a related note, Apple has counter-sued Epic Games, accusing the company of “commission-theft”. As of now, Fortnite is now reinstated on the iOS store while these new cases are ongoing.

Author: Mr Toffee

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