We Might Be Getting A Squid Game Video Game

Netflix Asia executive Minyoung Kim said that the hit Korean show Squid Game, the one about kid’s games turning deadly with millions of dollars as a reward for debt-ridden outcasts-turned-contestants, might churn out a video game adaptation.

According to a THR report, Netflix is looking at what will be coming next for the Squid Game IP, seeing as the show is the most-watched on the streaming service and is beating The Witcher’s reported viewership of 76 million. Netflix and the show’s director and producer are still in talks about a season 2, but you may have to temper expectations and wait a while longer as the show has only been out for a month.

So how will a Squid Game video game turn out? Kim didn’t provide any speculation whatsoever though he did say that they will expand it beyond a video adaptation via “consumer products”. Our guess? A battle royale game with minigames ala Fall Guys, but bloodier and less cute. And haunting music to accompany its OST.

Author: Mr Toffee

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