Activision Blizzard Sheds 20 Staff Due To Harassment Investigations; Wants To Pause California Lawsuit Too

Activision Blizzard still cannot catch a break.

The company has recently made 20 employees and more “exit” from its doors for the past few months due to ongoing investigations into workplace harassment. These 20 employees have also faced disciplinary action, following a ramping up of internal processing in response to the California lawsuit filing in July. The 20 listed here include game developers and supervisors; no board members though.

The public statement of these events is online right now.

“In recent months, we have received an increase in reports through various reporting channels. People are bringing to light concerns, ranging from years ago to the present. We welcome these reports, and our team has been working to investigate them, using a combination of internal and external resources.

Based on the information received in the initial report, they are assigned into different categories, and resources are allocated to prioritize the most serious reports first. In connection with various resolved reports, more than 20 individuals have exited Activision Blizzard and more than 20 individuals faced other types of disciplinary action.”

Furthermore, Activision Blizzard has filed a motion to temporarily halt proceedings in the July California lawsuit. This is so that the former can collect evidence in relation to a surprising allegation against the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing that could give it an advantage. The allegation has a lot to do with the lawyers who filed the suit.

“We look forward to resolving the case with the DFEH fairly in an appropriate court,” said an Activision Blizzard spokesperson (via PC Gamer).

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