Alienware Celebrates 25th Anniversary with a Lovely New Aurora Design

Dell just revealed the new Alienware Aurora desktop design to celebrate the gaming desktop/laptop brand’s 25th anniversary. And it looks about as alien & as sleek as you would imagine.

The new Alienware Aurora desktop, which hopefully does not turn sentient, grow mechanical legs with attached laser guns, and eradicate any living organism around it, features an all-new open-air design that reorganises inner components for better accessibility and airflow. Also, your cables will be managed better with the new chassis design.

Let’s list down the features in bullet point form:

  • New thermal design that supports up to four 120mm fans and liquid cooling options.
  • Transparent left-side panel that has a window for the dark new motherboard illuminated by up to eight unique zones of AlienFX customisable lighting.
  • New optional magnetic cable cover that neatly stow cables and conceals ports on the rear side.
  • New chassis to allow opposite right-side door to be removed with cable management features intended to isolate wires mechanically and thermally for better airflow.

Needless to say, the specs are top-drawer stuff by today’s standards.

We will update you on the additional details as we receive them. In the meantime, check out the pics of the desktop below:

Author: Mr Toffee

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