The New Black Widow Gets The Hot Toys Treatment

Fancy some Russian spies on your desk? Then you better get an antivirus stat! If you mean the Marvel Cinematic Universe variety, Hot Toys Collectibles has you covered.

Hot Toys just unveiled its upcoming new Black Widow Yelena Belova 1/6th scale collectible figure. Essentially the new Black Widow, this figure is masterfully crafted based on the screen appearance of Florence “Midsommar” Pugh as Yelena. She’s got the hair, the action woman pose and stature, the white outfit, and a slew of highly detailed mini weapons like the long baton, standard batons, pistol, daggers, and headset. The figure also has interchangeable hands for poses & a figure stand.

Doesn’t come with a throwaway castration joke though. Pics at the bottom; you can pre-order the Black Widow Yelena figure now on the official Hot Toys site.


Author: Mr Toffee

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