Echo Generation Guide: How To Survive The 80s Suburbia JRPG Trope

Echo Generation is out right now for Xbox and PC; if you like quirky RPGs with some adventuring and voxel graphics, you should check it out. The game can get a bit tough, so here are some tips to get through all of Echo Generation.

Get The Hang Of The Attack Inputs

The first thing you’ll notice in Echo Generation’s combat is that it requires timed button inputs. If you’ve played Ikenfell or Mario & Luigi RPGs, it’s exactly that: press the A button to what’s prompted on-screen. If you do it too early or too late, you deal regular damage and take regular damage. And enemies here hit really hard. You’ll need to master this button-pressing mechanic(s) by the time you’re past the 2 to 3 hour mark, or else you won’t get far.

Don’t worry about resources: your SP regenerates to full once a battle is done and over with.

Change Up Your Companions

Throughout Echo Generation, you’ll recruit pets to your cause. You can recruit the following:

  • Your cat Meowsy
  • A dog named Doggo.
  • A tiny robot named BLOPO-11 (via finding the right parts and getting your neighbour in the garage workshop to fix it).
  • A rapping raccoon named Rex.
  • A space jackalope named Noupy.

Among all of these, the robot is the most useful since it will help you solve puzzles in the game’s adventure portions. If you’re stuck, just switch to the robot and it’ll most likely sort your problem out.

Expand Your Attacks With Comic Books

Your main character, your little sister Lily, and your pets can gain new attacks by collecting comic books all across Maple Town and beyond. You can either buy them from the Downtown Bookstore, the comic and video store in Downtown, defeat optional bosses, or just find them lying around throughout the game’s story.

You Can Quit Out Of Combat & Try Again; No Penalties!

If things turn south during a major fight, you can hit the Start button and quit to main menu. You’ll restart at the last checkpoint, which is just a few steps away before the boss encounter. This is useful, since the items you use in combat do not reappear if you died during that boss fight (or any fight for that matter).

Some Things Are Not What They Seem

Exhaust your conversation options when you can, or just press A for anything that’s interactive to move forward. For example, if a comic standee costs $500, chances are it’s not and you get to keep it for free even.

Late Game Video Walkthroughs


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