Over 30,000 FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Cheaters Are Hit With Red Cards

So last week, there was an exploit found in FIFA 22’s FUT Champions mode (the one with the gacha) where players can exit losing matches without the loss being counted (via a TikTok video of all things). EA has resolved the issue in the game, but it is currently identifying players that have exploited this issue and are following up with them.

That follow-up is now sorted, and the result is over 30,000 players banned from playing FIFA 22 online for a week. Loads of cheaters are panicking already; probably because the ban message stated “1,000 days” instead of the “7 days” displayed. EA assured them that was a glitch in the display.

Play nice, play fair, right? FIFA 22 is out right now; it’s still a little buggy but at least EA is doing its due diligence in fixing it bit by bit. Which is more than one can say for Konami’s football game this year.

Author: Mr Toffee

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