Halo Infinite Single-Player Campaign Gameplay Looks Promising

Microsoft and Xbox just showed off about 6 minutes of Halo Infinite’s single-player campaign. It’s definitely a huge step up from the last showcase.

Just like most people have predicted, this portion of the game will have Master Chief fighting off The Banished, who happen to be remnants of the Covenant. While you’re fighting Brutes, you’ll also be dealing with special Elites, including a special-looking black-and-red clad one who enjoys killing Spartans a bit too much, and fliers named Skimmers.

Thankfully, Master Chief will have a new AI called The Weapon to guide him, along with new tools like the grappling hook (that players have used in its multiplayer), the Gravity Hammer, and a couple of other new weapons, tools, and skills. Players can also use Spartan Cores (collected in the new Halo) to upgrade Master Chief with, adding new passive and active skills to continue the fight.

Check out the overview below, full of new tweaks and additions to the already-familiar shooter-savvy gameplay. Halo Infinite will be out for Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC on 8th December.

Author: Mr Toffee

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