Tales Of Luminaria Showcases More Character Gameplay With English VOs

Bandai Namco just published a good chunk of character gameplay for its upcoming F2P gacha RPG Tales of Luminaria, which features some gorgeous anime graphics and a rocking Go Shiina soundtrack.

As of now, the gameplay vids feature bow-wielding knight Celia Arvier, red-haired sword guy Leo Fourcade, and mage archetype August Wallenstein. These 6-minute gameplay videos also showcase the game’s English dub in full, so if you’ve played some RPGs in English dub for the past year or so, you may recognize these voices.

Celia Arvier (VO by Cristina Vee)

Leo Fourcade (VO by Aaron Dismuke)

August Wallenstein (VO by J Michael Tatum)

Tales of Luminaria will be out for iOS and Android by the end of 2021, probably in closed beta form.

Author: Mr Toffee

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