This Genshin Impact Ganyu Scale Figure Is As OP As Its In-Game Counterpart

It’s no secret that Genshin Impact Cryo archer Ganyu is a fan favourite character, a cutie to look at, and a pretty powerful 5-star character; arguably a bit too powerful at one point in the game. Leave it to Mihoyo to announce a pretty detailed version of the Liyue character in scaled figure form.

Mihoyo will be releasing a Ganyu 1/7th figure on the Genshin Impact Tmall website (via Weibo). Pre-orders for this beauty will start on 1st November. Fans who pre-order the figure will also get a bonus artboard illustration of the titular archer.

The Ganyu figure is clearly detailed, with a ton of care put into the dress, the character, and even her Cryo ball thing she’s holding. No doubt this figure will cost a pretty penny for collectors everywhere when it goes on sale. And probably sell out quicker than Golden Shrimp Fried Balls nearby Keqing’s vicinity.

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Author: Mr Toffee

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