Battlefield 2042’s Beats On The Battlefield Out Now

Battlefield 2042’s brings forth a chaotic and disruptive soundtrack fitting the World of 2042. It’s composed by Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater, both of whom composed and worked on the sound design for Chernobyl and Joker, for which they won an Oscar.

Battlefield 2042 Audio Director Andreas Almström said:

“Working with Hildur and Sam has been amazing! As composers, they bring a lot of new ideas to the table and we always welcome being challenged when it comes to creating video game music. To watch the creative process they use in order to help us conjure up this new soundscape…it’s just amazing to hear.”

Content Creators will have select tunes from the soundtrack cleared to use in streams and videos, and we encourage you to use them to enhance your content. You will also be able to use these tracks to make content during Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta, which runs from October 6th to October 10th (Early Access users will be able to play starting on October 6).

The Battlefield 2042 Official Soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes and other major digital music services worldwide.  The soundtrack is currently available to be streamed (and purchased) on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, Deezer, and Tidal.

For the collectors out there: Lakeshore Records and Invada Records are teaming up to bring the Battlefield 2042 Official Soundtrack to vinyl at a later date.

Check out five tracks from the soundtrack below:

Battlefield 2042 Theme – For their take on the series’ classic theme, composers Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater dismantled the theme and built it from the ground up to fit into the tumultuous world of Battlefield 2042. You can find out more about their process in the interview below.

Orbital – This chaotic, percussion-heavy track was created to compliment Orbital’s tension between the elements of nature and humanity’s creations.

The Observation of Beautiful Forms – A stirring, melancholic track conveying a messy and transitional world.

Unwave –  An unnerving and creeping piece that ramps up the tension as the beat goes on.

Dry Ice –  A tingling, electric herald of the disorder to come, this one makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand.

Battlefield 2042 is slated to launch for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on 19 November 2021.

In addition, EA also confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will not feature a traditional single-player story campaign.

In the meantime, check out the Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage below:

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