Diablo Immortal’s Leads On Their Favorite Prime Evils In The Series

Kakuchopurei had a chat with Diablo Immortal’s production director Caleb Arseneuax and game director Wyatt Cheng about the game and its closed beta session, which should be out this Friday for select folks. We also did inquire about their thoughts on the series’ particular lore, because why not?

Specifically about the series’ Prime Evils; the big bads that run the ship in Diablo, Diablo 2, and Diablo 3. Here’s what they have to say about their favorite Prime Evils in the series.

Caleb Arseneuax: Mine is Baal. The reason is because he has a lot of sass. He goes out of his way to torment people who are jailed (Marius). He also has a lot of interactions [in Diablo 2 onward] where he just showcases a lot of attitude. He has the most texture in his character.

Wyatt: Visually, I like Diablo. I apologize for being too cliched, but I just like looking at a big imposing demon, especially the way we’ve rendered him in Diablo Immortal. There’s tons of musculature on him and he just looks really, really powerful.

While he had the safest answer, Wyatt does have a point: the new rendition of the Lord of Terror in Diablo Immortal is a little more muscle-bound than Diablo 3’s feminine demon portrayal, which made sense since part 3’s host was Deckard Cain’s adopted daughter Leah.

It also sucks that there’s no love for Mephisto and his “bone tendril things”, but what can we say: people love their horned apparitions & spider-legged laser-shooting demifiends.


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