Xbox Series Gets 2TB & 512 GB Storage Expansion Cards Later This Year

Good news, Xbox console owners! You’ll be getting new Seagate-branded storage expansion cards for your Xbox Series X and S later this year.

The problem? It’s not going to come cheap. Seagate will be rolling out its proprietary storage expansion cards in two flavours: a 512GB card and a 2TB card. These two cards work just like the current 1TB storage expansion card; plug it into the port on the rear of the console to use it. They run just as efficient and as fast as an SSD drive; similar to the PS5’s M2 SSDs.

The 512GB will sell for US$140 and the 2TB will sell for US$400. It’s 2021, and it seems like NVMe storage options will not be going down in price anytime soon. The 512GB card will be available in mid-November, while the 2TB card will be out “early December”.

At this point in time, you can only play native Xbox Series X|S games on either the console’s internal storage or on these proprietary expansion cards due to the need for the game’s higher speeds. You can still move games to an external drive via USB but only backwards compatible games can be played from those.

Author: Mr Toffee

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