Borderlands 3 October Hotfix Will Turn The Traunt Family Into Raid Bosses

The Traunt Family is Borderlands 3’s go-to farm boss and target practice for veteran Vault Hunters since late 2019; naturally, the trio of brothers wish to seek revenge.

And revenge they’ll receive, as Gearbox has recently released a hotfix to buff up the Traunt brothers to Raid Boss status. From now until 4th November 11:59pm GMT+8, you will be fighting the Traunt brothers in the same location they’ve always been in with more health and damage buffs than usual. You’ll be getting their best loot if you defeat them.

To fight Captain Traunt, General Traunt, and Captain Haunt in their ultimate Raid Boss form, make sure you’re playing in Mayhem Mode or True Vault Hunter Mode. That’s it! Here’s a recap on where to find the brothers and what loot they drop:

Captain Traunt

Location: Athenas (right at the end; he’s the main story boss of that area)

Drops: Kaoson SMG, Tankman’s Shield sniper rifle

General Traunt

Location: Desolation’s Edge at Nekrotafayo

Drops: D.N.A. SMG, Projectile Recursion shotgun

Captain Haunt

Location: Heck (turn on Bloody Harvest event; he’s the boss of the event)

Drops: Ghast Call grenade, Fearmonger shotgun, Stalker sniper, Scream of Terror shield

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