Battlefield 2042 10-Hour Trial Coming For EA Play & Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Good news for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers! A 10-hour Battlefield 2042 trial will be available for them starting from Friday, 12 November 2021.

A similar early access event will also be available for EA Play Pro subscribers and anyone who has pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate editions of Battlefield 2042. However, EA Play Pro and Gold or Ultimate Editions will be able to enjoy unlimited access to the game before launch, instead of just a 10-hour trial.

After finishing the 10-hour trial, EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will need to purchase the full version of Battlefield 2042 (or subscribe to EA Play Pro) in order to continue playing.

In addition, EA has released a new Battlefield 2042 trailer showcasing the game’s Portal mode. Battlefield Portal lets you replay the reimagined classics, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 – or deploy on these timeless maps with the modern arsenal and content of Battlefield 2042.

It is made up of three distinct multiplayer experiences – All-Out Warfare features the next generation of fan-favourite modes Conquest and Breakthrough; Battlefield Portal allows players to discover battles from the past, present and future as well as to create and change the rules of war; while Battlefield Hazard Zone brings a tense, squad-focused survival experience. Adapt and overcome dynamically-changing battlegrounds with the help of your squad and a cutting-edge arsenal.

Battlefield 2042 is slated to launch for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on 19 November 2021.

In addition, EA also confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will not feature a traditional single-player story campaign.

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