Psychonauts 2 Is Getting New Quality Of Life Patches

As great as Psychonauts 2 is, the game clearly has a few bugs here and there that could impede enjoyment for some. Luckily, developer Double Fine is on the case and has addressed a number of these issues.

Here’s a list of the new features the game has from the official Double Fine video:

  • Bonus Psychoseismometer unlocked in Otto’s lab after finishing Gisu’s quest, making it possible to unlock enemy achievements during the post-game state.
  • Checkmarks appear in location selection menus to indicate if all collectables in a location have been found.
  • Otto-Spot photo filter to show collectables in the Otto-Shot photo mode.
  • Show all available figments in the figment viewer menu even if you haven’t found them yet.

Here are the bug fixes for the game following the new patch that came out recently.

  • General stability improvements for all platforms.
  • Improve environmental collision to prevent players and objects from rarely falling through walls and floors.
  • Fix issues related to fall death and water curse, and prevent them from being broken if interrupted by a cutscene.
  • Fix duplicate characters and stray animation appearing in some cutscenes.
  • Fix the issue that could cause flickering around objects submerged in water.
  • Improve save checkpoints to prevent the player’s save data from getting into a bad state.
  • Improve photo mode stability.
  • Expand the mental health advisory message.
  • HUD improvements to prevent extra health brains from appearing.
  • Improve xCloud streaming touch controls.

If you rather have the patch notes start off with the sweet crooning voice of Double Fine CEO and Psychonauts 2 creative director Tim Schafer, check out the video below.

Psychonauts 2 is out now for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PS4, as well as on Xbox Game Pass. We highly recommend it; it’s a worthy sequel that is years in the making.

Author: Mr Toffee

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