The Eternals Assemble In Marvel Super War Season 8

Marvel’s first MOBA mobile game, MARVEL Super War, starts its new S8 season on November 4 with a host of brand-new content! To celebrate the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Eternals, MARVEL Super War will launch a thematic event inspired by the film for the coming weeks, with heroes from the Eternals joining the battlefield! Let’s find out what this season has to offer!

Immortals bursting with alien power, the Eternals have been living secretly among mankind on this planet for thousands of years. Now that these superheroes debut on the big screen, the new season of MARVEL Super War also begins at the same time with the Eternals’ arrival on the battlefield of Wakanda! The one who takes the lead and will join the game as a Fighter is, Thena, an elite warrior who can manipulate cosmic powers to produce any weapon. In addition, two heroes from the Eternals, Ikaris and Sersi, will soon join the battle in this season.

To celebrate the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Eternals, MARVEL Super War will launch a series of updates for several weeks to inform players about the Eternals’ past! During the event time, players can obtain mementos by finishing tasks, and learn about Eternal’s secluded life as well as their past adventures. Meanwhile, don’t forget to win bonuses such as avatar frame and lobby background themed with the Eternals!  In addition, Marvel Studios’ Eternals inspired skins for Thena, Ikaris and Sersi will be available in this season, don’t miss it if you like it!

With the arrival of the new season, grand promotions in-game will come online too! Iron Man legendary costume “Planetary Armor” and several rare skins will offer time-limited discounts! Events like Lucky Wheel and Daily Log-Ins will also help you to win more rewards!

For more updates, please visit MARVEL Super War‘s official Facebook page. MARVEL Super War could be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

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